February 10, 2011

HIV Vaccine Trials Need Healthy, HIV-negative Men and Women Age 18-50 for a Vaccine Study

In the United States HIV disproportionately infects certain groups and populations; however, HIV can infect anyone.

Worldwide there are currently more than 40 million people infected with HIV. That number is growing.

Developing a vaccine is our best hope to control HIV/AIDS.
The Vanderbilt HIV Vaccine Program needs healthy, uninfected adults (age 18-50) from all walks of life to help find a vaccine to prevent HIV infection.

There is no risk of HIV infection from the vaccines.
Volunteers must be available locally for 12-18 months. Volunteers will be compensated.

Call 322-HOPE (322-4673) or e-mail casey.h.braddy@vanderbilt.edu for more information.

You can help fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In order to develop a vaccine that will work for everyone, we need help from everyone.

All racial and ethnic groups are encouraged to contact our program.