April 29, 2010

Young Adults Ages 18 to 30 Needed for a Research Study on Risks for Mood Problems

Study of risks for mood problems

Participants needed: Young adults ages 18 to 30
Compensation: Participants receive $30.

What do our responses to challenges tell us about ourselves?
* Do you ever feel stressed out?
* Have you ever had mood problems (such as feeling down, depressed, very irritable)?
* Do you wonder how daily challenges affect your thoughts, feelings, and health?

The purpose of this study is to learn about how the way we respond to challenges may increase our risk for developing mood problems. We are looking for young adults who in the past have had mood problems (e.g., depression) or who have never had mood problems.

Participants will be asked to:
• answer questions about thoughts, feelings, and life events • answer questions about mental health problems that may cause distress • perform two challenging laboratory tasks and several measures of executive functioning • give 6 saliva samples that will be used to measure a hormone (cortisol)

All information is kept strictly confidential.

The study will take about 3 hours.
Visits: 1 (or could be 2 if that is more convenient for you)
Contact: Call Matt Morris at 615-427-2688 or email matt.morris@vanderbilt.edu for more information Principal Investigator: Matthew C. Morris, M.S.