January 28, 2021

Updated Emergency Preparedness Quick Reference Guide binders ready for drop off

Emergency Preparedness Quick Reference Guides have been revised to reflect updated institutional procedures. The 2020 handbook no longer features the “buzz saw” logo or a “last updated 2015” sticker.

To receive new guides for your department:

Email Alex Mindel at Alexandra.l.mindel@vumc.org with the number of guides needed for your department and she will distribute them at a scheduled date.

Distribution applies to VUAH, VCH, TVC, MCN, MAB, VPH, Vanderbilt Dayani Center, Village at Vanderbilt and other non-clinical areas.

To dispose of outdated guides:

Due to COVID-19, outdated emergency preparedness guides will not be returned to the emergency preparedness department but are required to be disposed of individually. To properly discard outdated manuals, all pages must be shredded, and binders thrown away.

Please remember to keep at least one existing guide until the new handbooks have arrived in case of emergency.

If you do not currently have an emergency quick reference guide and are unsure if your department needs one, email Alex Mindel with any questions.