January 28, 2021

eStar changes and updates

Updated Tip Sheet for Telehealth Eligibility Indicator

Clinicians can now add a Telehealth Eligibility Indicator (TEI) column to their personal schedule view or OPWB. The new column displays one of five icons (see legend) so clinicians can quickly assess if, and where, a patient can have a telehealth visit covered by their insurance. Just like the original eStar Storyboard TEI indicator, the new TEI column relies on the patient’s insurance information available in eStar.

Please review the updated Tip Sheet “Using the Telehealth Eligibility Indicator - Clinicians” (available in Hubbl) for more information.



New Automated Flag in Storyboard for Hospice Orders

A new automated FYI flag in available in the patient Storyboard, which indicates when a patient has had at least one (1) Outpatient Hospice order. The flag will help prompt clinicians to check the patient’s current hospice status.

The automated FYI Flag appears in Storyboard when an Outpatient Hospice order is placed and indicates patient has had at least one hospice order. The flag does not mean that the patient is officially in hospice, and will remains even if the patient came out of hospice. The clinician should check current the patient’s hospice status before acting.